Things you should know before outsourcing bookkeeping services!

As a new venture in Dubai, it makes sense to outsource the bookkeeping services. While there is no dearth of bookkeeping services in Dubai, there are a few rules you should be aware of before making your choice. Read on to find out what to look for in a reliable and reputable bookkeeping service.

For the success of your business, outsourcing the accounting functionality and bookkeeping services is an advanced move that you should make. There are several bookkeeping services in Dubai that provide flexible, accountable and scalable services for you. With so much competition around they are very affordable and accurate in providing quality services. When you are backed by a strong partner for your accounting service, you, as a business owner, can enjoy a lot of peace of mind and lead a stress free business. However, before you hire the accounting or bookkeeping services in Dubai, you should run a background check and also see of your line of business is compatible with the services provided by the accounting firm.
Below are a few things that one must check for before hiring bookkeeping services in Dubai:

  1. Collect customer reviews: Read as many customer reviews as possible about the company so that you know how other clients have been treated buy the company and how their experience has been. You can do this online by sitting in your office room.
  2. Collect data about their experience: experience is everything in the accounting industry, the more experience they have, the more accurate their services will be. If you want to ensure a profitable business, it depends highly on hiring a reliable accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai. They should also have experience with your line of business. Also, check about their work ethics, their clientele list and their plans for your business.
  3. Tax accounting: You should also inquire about their plans on tax saving schemes for your business and if they have an experienced tax consultant on board. A company that offers all the services like accounting, bookkeeping and taxation services is your best bet because you are getting all the services needed under one umbrella.
  4. Access to the consultant: When you hire bookkeeping services in Dubai, you need to know that you never know when you are going to need them. In any type of business last minute changes and urgencies are inevitable. So the company that you hire should be accessible even at odd hours and whenever you need them. A company which is customer centricity as their core value will definitely be reachable. However, if you are going to hire a company that has too many customers or a never-ending list of clients, you could be the last on the list. So make a careful choice here.

When you own a business it is your responsibility to ensure that you are hiring the best available resource for your business in Dubai. Remember that you are outsourcing the core of your business which is accounting and bookkeeping services, so you need to be extremely careful. You can afford to have a fraudulent company as your partner or someone who is inconsistent and unreliable. If you want complete peace of mind then you need to be extremely attentive while hiring your consultant. Hire that one company which can take care of all your accounting needs in Dubai.


Always try to trade with the long term trend

We dare you to trade with this kind of strategy and make some good money. If you are a novice trader there will be a hard time for you to accept long term trading approaches. Novice traders remain more concerned about the short term trading. They cannot handle the pressure of the running trades. But for a pro or advanced level trader the system will be completely different. Those will try the best performance possible and without thinking about the running trades. They will strictly follow the concept of ‘set and forget about the trades’ policy. This is a very good strategy for the currency trading business. The traders will have to secure their trades in the markets of different currency pairs. That will be the topic of today’s article. We are going to mention what you can do to make things legitimate for the long term trading process.

The proper methods will help you with analysis

Even before going for the trades, you must learn about a proper selection of the trading methods. They are the pinnacle of ground-level trading design. Based on different timeframes and strategies, there are about four kinds of methods into the currency trading of Forex. The scalping, day trading, swing trading, and the position trading are the most renowned trading methods of them all. The traders will have to think about the right one for their business in here. But the most proper would be long term trading methods. The categories like swing trading and position trading will be the right ones for your business. In swing trading, the analysis of the charts will be done with the key swings. They provide more information about the trends of the markets. Key swings gives the traders more proper pronunciation of the volatility of the markets. The position trading system may be a little bit hard for the traders as there will be a lot of other things to consider. You will be very good at the swing trading process and the signals will come out good for your trades.

Analyzing the higher time frame data

Lower time frame trade setups will never help you in the long run. The professional traders in Hong Kong always look for potential trade setups in Saxo trading platform in the higher time frame. Though it requires an extreme level of patience without following the conservative trading technique it’s really hard to survive in the long run. Use simple trend line tools to find the potential trade setups in favor of the existing trend.

Protection of the trading capital will help to concentrate

All of the planning for the trades will be valueless when there is no good management plan ready for the trades. We are talking about controlling your trading capital for the sake of a better performance in the business. It will help the trading mind to concentrate on the right things. And those will be the proper strategies of trading approaches. Things like position sizes and the right profit targets will help the traders with that. It has to be with the right planning on money management. If you can maintain the business with that kind of performance, there will be good earnings from the business. The risk to reward ratio will be very pleasing to you.

Your edge must find every necessary tool available

In all the steps of approaching for a trades, there will be proper tools for helping. In market analysis, you can easily work with the support and resistance zones to find the right signals. Then there is the Fibonacci tool for a better understanding of the trends. Even the tools used to take precautions, like the stop-loss and take-profit tools will help the traders to secure the trades. With all of them, you can secure the investment into the trading business of Forex.


Employee Friendships: The Benefits and Disadvantages

Whether you’re based in the offices of a multi-national corporation or are the head of a small team in London’s start-up business centre, Shoreditch, workplaces are a lot more sociable than they used to be.

Here, we explore the benefits and disadvantages of encouraging employees to socialise at work and in their own time.

Building a Better Workplace Ethos

Encouraging friendships between employees and colleagues seems like a win-win situation for everybody involved. Team-building and collaborative working are factors that most businesses have placed an increasing focus on over the last few decades, and it seems like common sense that a team who genuinely enjoy each other’s company will work together in a smooth manner.

Plus, there’s legitimate evidence to suggest that work friendships are positively reflected in the performance of your business. In 2017, Gallup’s study of the State of the American Workplace found that workplace friendships resulted in an overall job satisfaction boost of at least 25 per cent, in some cases even up to 50%.

Giving your employees the space to socialise and relax is also a good way to tackle the problems of workplace stress and burnout – an area of staff wellbeing that is only just beginning to be given adequate attention.

You may decide to organise your own work socials, either as one-off events or as a regular series, or you may find that it’s been taken care of for you – with more businesses opting for coworking and shared office space over their very own premises, these new types of working space are offering perks and facilities specifically designed to create a more sociable atmosphere. 

Manchester’s Old Granada Studios provides its community of freelancers and start-ups with free beer and pizza on Fridays, while Proper Office, a serviced office space in Shoreditch, hosts regular events on its private roof garden. While there’s often a business element to these perks, with a certain level of networking expected, they’re also a perfect opportunity to unwind and enjoy each other’s company.

Striking the Right Balance

Encouraging employee friendships has its undeniable advantages, but it is important to strike the right balance. At the end of the day, all of your company’s work needs to be completed, and there can be such a thing as encouraging too laid-back an environment.

Without placing unreasonable restrictions or expectations on your employees, you should nonetheless be emphasising that socials and other team activities are to be encouraged as long as all of the company’s work is being completed on time, and to the best possible standard.

After all, some employers remain sceptical of the benefits that come from actively encouraging closer social ties between their staff members. One of the best ways to convince them otherwise may well be to prove that work-organised socials and out-of-hours social events can coexist seamlessly with a well-oiled company machine.


Tips for Writing a Resume for High School Students

Composing a resume when you’re a secondary school understudy who doesn’t have much (or any) earlier work experience can appear to be overwhelming. Here’s the uplifting news: You most likely have more data to put on your resume than you might suspect. Encounters like looking after children, cutting, and volunteering all assistance to indicate significant work abilities that businesses need to see. Because you haven’t had work like the one you are applying for, doesn’t mean you haven’t procured the aptitudes important to succeed. A decent method to begin on your resume as a secondary school understudy is to take a gander at instances of resumes and read tips on what to incorporate and how to arrange your resume.

Make an Outline

Make a fast rundown or framework of every single imaginable experience, paid and unpaid, to incorporate into your resume before you attempt to locate the correct language to depict them. Think about this as a conceptualizing step and endeavor to scribble down as much down as you can.

Incorporate Informal Work Experience and Activities

On the off chance that you have formal paid work involvement, surely incorporate it. Else, you can incorporate casual work like looking after children, sitting, yard cutting, scooping snow, or whatever else you’ve done to procure cash. Regardless of whether you didn’t gather a normal paycheck, casual work still shows abilities and your unwavering quality as a worker.
Since most secondary school understudies haven’t held a ton of employments, it is vital to draw upon all parts of your life that show you have the character, hard working attitude, abilities, and identity to prevail in an occupation.

Notice your extracurricular exercises, humanitarian effort, scholastics, and athletic interests.

In the event that you held any kind of initiative positions in these jobs, (for example, secretary of a club or group commander), make certain to take note of this. For every thing, incorporate a bulleted rundown of your obligations and achievements.

Advance Your Attitude and Performance

Businesses will be most inspired by your work propensities and mentality. They don’t anticipate that you should have a ton of experience. In the event that you have impeccable or close flawless participation and are prompt for school and different responsibilities, you may incorporate language with that impact while portraying an affair.
On the off chance that administrators, educators, or mentors have remembered you for an inspirational disposition or remarkable administration, notice it in your portrayal of the movement.

Notice Your Achievements

Managers search for staff who have a past filled with making positive commitments. Survey every one of your encounters and inquire as to whether there are accomplishments in class, clubs, sports, or the working environment that you can incorporate. Provided that this is true, utilize action words like improved, revamped, expanded, enhanced, started, overhauled, or extended to indicate what you achieved. Incorporate any difficult propelled scholastic activities since this shows bosses that you are savvy and a diligent employee.

Incorporate Resume Skills

It’s dependably a smart thought to incorporate aptitudes identified with the employments for which you are applying. You likely have numerous aptitudes that you can incorporate that you obtained in school, sports, youth gatherings, additional curricular exercises, or volunteering.

Use Action Verbs

Utilize dynamic language while depicting your encounters, so you are depicted progressively. Begin the expressions in your portrayals with activity action words like sorted out, drove, determined, instructed, served, prepared, coached, composed, inquired about, stocked, made, planned, drafted, and altered.

Keep it Short and Include All Necessary Information

Your resume shouldn’t be any more drawn out than a page. A few segments of the resume, for example, contact data and experience—are required. In any case, others, for example, a target or vocation outline, are discretionary.

Edit Your Draft and Print Copies

Survey your draft very cautiously before finishing your report and ensure there are no spelling or syntactic blunders. Ask your direction instructor, guardians, or a most loved educator to study your resume. provides tips for people of all experiences and ages. Whether you are a high school student or a senior in search for a job, Joblang  is the place for you. Visit our site today to help you with your job hunt.


The Benefits of Using an Agency When Renting Commercial Property

Space is one of the biggest expenditures for a business, especially when renting. Getting the right piece of property is critical if a company is to get any profit from it. Hiring a real estate agency to handle the search and transactions is a necessary investment. Some business owners believe that taking out the middle person saves money. Although this may be true in part, the mistakes that companies make by doing it all on their own offset any cost savings. Working with an experienced property firm offers several advantages.

Save Time

Searching for suitable commercial real estate involves browsing through numerous listings. Resources such as PropList can simplify some of the work, but it would still take a considerable amount of time. Business owners have to ensure that they pick properties that match the needs of the enterprise. If it’s a retail store, you want a location that will attract the right customers. A considerable amount of time goes into sifting through listings and narrowing them down. Then, there are the negotiations and paperwork that come with rental agreements. Leaving all that work to an estate agency frees up a business owner to concentrate on the company.

Expert Negotiations

Commercial enterprises have to make sure that they get rental deals that are profitable for the business in the long run. Crafting a decent lease agreement takes careful negotiations. The renter and property owner have to agree on the price, maintenance, duration and other terms. If a company is not prudent during negotiations, it can end up with hidden charges or unfavourable clauses in the contract. Professional estate agents handle different types of negotiations of the same nature and, therefore, understand how to take them on.

Market Knowledge

A real estate agency understands the industry and what drives it. These professionals train and have licenses in the field, which gives them a huge advantage. A commercial estate agent will know the current market trends and how they will affect a rental deal. Property firms are aware of the available options for commercial spaces in different areas. They invest resources in collecting market data such as the demographics, future trends and price comparisons that are crucial when renting commercial property. Real estate agents are well-versed in zoning codes, which are critical when renting a property for business use.

Professional Suggestions

A simple miscalculation when renting commercial space can cost an enterprise a lot of money. Real estate designed for business use has a different set of regulations that owners and tenants must observe. A company may not be aware of all the laws to abide by, particularly when renting in a new location. Property experts can offer useful advice in such situations and prevent expensive mistakes. An estate agency will ensure that due diligence is conducted on a property before getting into a lease. Companies can also get recommendations on the professionals to work with to facilitate the process like inspectors and lawyers.

Finding the right commercial property for rent is a tedious process that a company can avoid by working with professionals. A real estate agency, which you can find on platforms like PropList, will ensure that the process goes smoothly by dealing with the intricacies of property rental like lease negotiations.


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