When might you need independent legal advice?

There are a number of scenarios in which someone might need to consult the advice of an independent legal professional, although these might not always be immediately obvious. Let’s take a look at a few of the different circumstances in which you might be required to consult with a solicitor in this kind of specific professional capacity and whether ILA could be helpful for you.

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What is ILA?

Independent legal advice (or ILA as it’s often abbreviated to in this context) was first conceived as a concept in the 1990s in response to a number of high profile court cases between banks and defaulted mortgage borrowers/guarantors. In order to protect borrowers from predatory lenders, and protect lenders from claims that borrowers were unduly pressured or didn’t understand the consequences of the agreement they were making, the House of Lords ruled that borrowers must seek ILA before any contracts can be entered into. This concept has since been applied to a number of other contractual circumstances to ensure that signatories understand the agreement they are making.

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How does ILA work?

The signatory of the agreement being negotiated must meet with a solicitor alone in a face to face capacity (although this is often done via skype during the ongoing pandemic) in order to have the terms and conditions of the contract adequately explained to them. The solicitor will then sign a declaration, sometimes referred to as an Etridge letter after the original court case that sparked their creation, stating the signatory is informed of and understands their legal obligations before entering the contract.

Do I need ILA?

ILA is primarily used for scenarios where a party to an agreement is placed at risk but does not benefit from it, such as joint borrower, sole proprietor mortgages or transfers of equity, but it may also be used for other functions such as director guarantees or occupancy waivers. Family cases such as probate disputes may also sometimes require parties to be advised by an independent professional. Advice should be sought from a reliable specialist broker such as

Ultimately, ILA is a useful system which functions as the House of Lords envisaged by protecting both parties in the agreement and allowing contracts to be entered into with peace of mind. Make sure you find a well qualified professional to advise you when signing complex contracts like those outlined above.


Critical Services to Keep in Place for Your Employees

As you review your expenses each month and try to find ways to increase your working capital, you cut costs wherever you find waste. While it’s important to spend your money wisely, sometimes extra expenses are worth it if they make your employees satisfied. When you choose which services to cut, make sure to leave these systems alone.

Moving Equipment

If your employees do not have the equipment they need to move products, you will experience shipping delays, decreased productivity, and increased annoyance from your clients. Your employees are also at greater risk of hurting themselves as they try to lift heavy boxes. Whenever you hear that your employees need a new cart with spring loaded casters, approve the request immediately. They cannot complete their jobs without these essential tools.

Human Resources

Your human resources department does not directly contribute to your profits because these employees do not manufacture or sell products. Still, they make sure that your working environment is welcoming to all employees and that hostile situations are de-escalated. Without your HR team, you cannot handle the flow of complaints in a manner that satisfies your workers. As a result, this group plays a critical indirect role in increasing your profits.

Employee Benefits Packages

Depending on how many employees you have, what their hours are, and how much money they make, you may be required to offer health insurance. Once you have created your benefits packages, do not take away services such as dental or optical insurance. While these options seem expendable, since you aren’t legally required to provide them, your employees will become angry if you take them away.

Although you may not like to admit it, a critical part of your job as a business owner is keeping your employees happy. To prevent complaints, do not cut these services.


Vacation Tips

Going on vacation is one of the most looked forward to things by everyone, no matter their age. Both young and old alike know the excitement of getting away and going somewhere different for a little bit. If you are planning a trip though, there are some things you’ll need to do before you can leave. Here are three things you should make sure you do before leaving.


You can’t go on a trip without bringing clothes and other necessary items. While it seems silly to remind someone to pack for their vacation, there is a danger to over or under packing. The best way to ensure you do neither is to make a list of things you need. What you pack should be based on where you are going, when you are going, and how long you are staying.  


Once you determine where you are going, you’ll need to decide how you are going to get there. The location may be limited in how you are allowed to travel there, but the most popular ways of traveling are flying and driving. Some places have trains that will take you from place to place, while others may offer you to travel with VIP coaches Boston MA.


You should have some type of plan for how your vacation is going to go. While it may seem fun to arrive and doing everything off the cuff, some things should be booked and planned in advance. For instance, have your lodging set up before you arrive, as this will ensure you have a place to stay while you are there. Certain activities might be sold out if you don’t schedule them well in advance as well.  

Your vacation should be a time where you relax and enjoy yourself. Following some of these tips can help ensure you do just that.


How To Make a Renovation Decision

Every house, public building, or outdoor facility has some aspect about it that can be improved, but sometimes it can be difficult to find what that aspect is. Here are two methods to use that could potentially spark some creativity within you and help you find an area of your house that could be enhanced with a renovation.


Much of the time, houses that were built in the mid-twentieth century have interior aesthetics that match the period in which they were built. While the retro aesthetic can often create a pleasing effect, it is also noticeable to outsiders when a house has not been updated for several decades. If you have some extra money set aside, you might want to consider upgrading certain areas of your house to have a more modern look. Many hardware distributors will be more than happy to give you recommendations on how to go about modernizing your home to bring it into the new century.

Matching Aesthetics

If the modern look is not for you, you can still ensure that your home has a consistent look throughout by having matching color schemes and themes spread around. There are professional interior designers all over the world who specialize in creating visually appealing interior designs that satisfy the wants and needs of individual customers. You can attempt to learn about matching aesthetics yourself and use your best judgment to decide what works, but professionals can offer an experienced touch that you will likely not be able to recreate.

Hopefully, one or both of these tips has inspired some kind of creativity in your mind and you are now racing through ideas in your head trying to decide which one to try first. If not, do not give up. Something will come to you eventually, and when it does, you will be able to create the home interior of your dreams.