March 5, 2021

Top 10 Indian Companies that Print Custom T-Shirts

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If anyone would want to enter into the world of clothing, the best way to start would be t-shirts. The best part about T-shirts is that they are preferred by both males and females of all ages. So, your business would never be at a loss if you are selling good quality T-shirts with unique designs. Nowadays, launching a business has become so easy that even a naive person can successfully launch his or her own business. The concept of “Make In India” is something that we really should put our focus on.
But, these days we are so influenced by “brand names”, our Indian companies are never recognized for different designs or quality of T-shirts. This must be changed. It’s high time that we give the deserving recognition to our own companies instead of being influenced by the western side only. There are many Indian companies who have launched their own brands for custom design t-shirts as well. Let us discuss the top 10 Indian companies that print custom T-shirts in new styles, and maximum comfort level.

  1. iLogo

This website is popular for giving the users (or customers) the ability to customize various objects/ items like T-shirts, mugs, flyers and many more things. This website has categorized the objects into different categories to make it easier for the users to select the item that they would like to customize. These categories include sports, business, college, events and etc. Once you have selected the product, you may add the design or text according to your choice. They have a big collection of clipart you may add to your t-shirt. And, also there’s an exclusive range of fonts for you to choose from.

  1. InkMonk

This one’s based in Chennai, and it’s an online marketplace for you to meet your printing needs, whether you are a customer or someone who owns a company. This start-up delivers various items that can further be customized by the user like clothes (t-shirts), cards, awards and many more. The price ranges from Rs. 212 to Rs. 368, depending on the customizations made and you may choose the size of the print as well. Shipping costs may add up to Rs. 450, and you may (if needed) ask the vendor to show you the sample of your customized piece.

  1. Custombaba

This one is also a famous website for dealing with customized shirts. It is a growing business and has already been able to capture a significant part of market share since its inception. The website provides its users with numerous designs, and slogans to make your T-shirt perfect. All you have to do is select a t-shirt, and start the customization. They also have different categories like arts, college, campus, sports, etc. They also deal with sweatshirts and pullovers.

  1. 99 T-Shirts

It is a well-known website for customized T-shirts. The procedure is very simple: first, select your design and color. Then, choose the favorite design, and then customize your T-shirt with logo or pictures, as per your choice. There are some funky choices and some popular choices. Images can be uploaded (up to 7MB) and should be in BMP, PDF, PSD, AI, PNG, JPG format. Apart from T-shirts, they can customize various other apparel.

  1. Gingercrush

They say that it has been officially licensing property (intellectual) from Disney, Mattel, and Viacom18. This one gives you the offer of on-demand printing. There are 3 colors, which start at the price of Rs. 399. The design tool is basic, yet effective.

  1. T-Shirtloot

This one’s known to be a user-friendly website. Like on other platforms, you can use this one to customize and make some different shirts of your choice. Designs for T-shirts have been classified into categories namely popular and people. Popular includes some designs and symbols while people category is about cartoons, sportsperson, and tribal art. The different feature is that it includes different regional languages as well.

  1. PrintLand

This one’s not specific for T-shirts only, but has an extensive section booked for customizations that can cater to all the needs of the users. You can upload the graphics or text on the design tool for T-shirts. And, within 10 working days, you will have your custom-designed T-shirt with you. The price of the T-shirts depends on the type of printing: one-sided or double-sided.

  1. Print Bucket

You can choose your T-shirt, and customize it according to your requirements. This is easy for even a naive person, and as soon as it is completed, you will get it right at your doorstep. If you want to add some message or put the picture, then you can do it very easily. The best part about this is that the fabric of the T-shirt is very comfortable. Apart from T-shirt painting, they also print on canvas as well as on photo.

  1. FreshMonk

It is different in one way that it helps its create earn some revenue through their designs as well as a print without investing in it. This tool can let you add 10 clothing styles and colors in the campaign. Also, the best part about this website is that it gives you a page on making a campaign (for free!). You do not need to pay anything for launching the campaign. The payment covers the design of the T-shirt.


The different and unique collections provided by this one has ensured becoming favorites for the youngsters. Like many other platforms, they have also made categories so that they can meet every requirement and need of their potential customers. These categories include biker slogan, gym, and motivational T-shirts. There are few pictures available on the gallery, but you are free to upload your own picture. Do you want the delivery in 24 hours? They will do it for you, with some extra money.
Hence, that is all about the top 10 Indian companies providing you all with the best kind of features to customize the T-shirts. Get going with the most amazing t-shirts!

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