February 26, 2021

Employee Scheduling and How It Helps In Effective Management

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Making a schedule for employees is one of the more tasking duties of a manager. On the surface, it might seem easy but it has several facets to it that are very intricat

Also, scheduling should be done keeping employee requirements in mind like their time-off requests, prefered shift patterns and number of hours per week. If you schedule their duties according to their wishes, they will like your decision and cooperate with you, which is necessary for any manager to maintain a healthy work environment.

But many managers find employee scheduling a challenging task and look for the ways to make it more effective. If you are one of them, then the tips given below will surely help you schedule your employees easily.

Scheduling Employees

Set an example

Employees usually follow the work culture that descends from the top management. For example, if you are come in late to work constantly, you can’t expect your subordinates to be on time. In other words, the behaviour you follow at the workplace sets an example for those working under you.

So make sure you are not doing anything that goes against the company rules and policies and set a bad example. Instead, demonstrate responsibility and timeliness in your demeanor and towards your work so that you can ask your subordinates to follow your footsteps and be responsible for their duties.

Keep the procedure simple and precise

The best employee scheduling is always precise and clear. It shouldn’t create any confusion and should be easy to understand. When you do this, your employees would not come to you over and over again with queries.

Plan in advance

If you are changing your employees’ schedule and informing them just one or two days before, then it might make them unhappy. Your subordinates have their own personal lives and may have some conflicts to resolve. So make sure you are giving them enough time to get ready for the new timing. Try to inform them at least two weeks in advance to avoid any conflict.

Take the help of technology

Gone are the days when we had to do all the tasks manually. In this digital era, technology has enabled us to perform difficult tasks with utmost ease. Now, you can find several employee scheduling software that can help you perform your duties in a short time. It will not only make the scheduling easy but also accommodate other complex intricacies based on individual situations of an employee. 

Use an algorithm

Employee scheduling software is based on algorithms. They use specific information of the company like the company peak hours, the staff available at a particular time, which task is on priority amongst other things. So make sure you are inserting the right information in the software. Also, you are paying a considerable amount in buying a software and relying on it. So make sure that these function properly at all times.

The Effects Of Employee Scheduling

Create a healthy work culture

The productivity of employees is proportional to how comfortable they feel at the workplace. So if you make them feel valued, you will get good returns in terms of their increased performance. Also, they will enjoy their job and feel free to  come up to you for your advice (in case they need it) which is a  sign of a healthy work environment.

Satisfy your employees 

Your employees are the assets of your business. They put their efforts and creative ideas in their job and expect your cooperation in return. Proper scheduling can help them maintain their work-life balance.

As a manager, you will be handling a lot of employees at the same time and it’s not easy to remember each employee’s shift timing verbally. So it’s better to maintain their scheduling in an excel sheet so that you would not miss out on any employee and have a proper record as well.

Also, inform your subordinates about their timing by mail or through the software that you’ll be using. Now, that you will be making their schedule in advance, we suggest you keep all the assigning sheets in a  plastic pallet box to keep them safe till you assign them to the right person.

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