April 17, 2021

Everything about the share of NASDAQ ACST

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Every person likes to be aware of the shares he/she has invested in to get a clear picture of how it will work in the future and what gains will it provide. Countless shares exist in the share market currently; one among them is NASDAQ: ACST at https://www.webull.com/quote/nasdaq-acst. AcastiPharma is an innovator that focuses on biopharmaceutical research, developing and commercializing the drugs prescribed using OM3 fatty acids that are derived from krill oil. The main product is CaPre, a therapeutic OM3 phospholipid used in the treatment of Shtg, a severe condition characterized by extremely high levels of TGs in the bloodstream. Janelle D’alvise and Pierre Lemieux are the President and Chief Operating Officer, respectively. 

Everything about the company’s share 

The company has been registered in NASDAQ-CM exchange under the healthcare sector and falls in the pharmaceutical industry. The volume of the shares is 273013, with a one-year target of $2.50. The rate of market capital is 70624131, and the respective share previously closed at $0.78. The monthly 5Y beta of the share is 1.37. The share previously closed at 0.7750 and opened at 0.7739. Besides, the 52-week high and low is 0.2500 and 3.0800, respectively, along with the EPS (TTM) at -0.3020. The bid and the asking value of the NASDAQ: ACST share, are 0.7602×900 and 0.7630×1100. The average target for the stock price is 3.617, with 6.98 being the higher estimate and 1.052 being the lower estimate.

Information on shareholders

The NASDAQ: ACST shareholders are divided into four broad categories. These include the following:

  • All the major insiders own 9.29% of the shares
  • 6.09% of the shares are under the institutions 
  • The institutions also own 6.71% of the float

There are a total of 35 major institutions that are currently holding the shares of this company. 

Some additional news 

The FBR announced NASDAQ: ACST to buy and increased the price target to $2. Besides, the company is also planning to upgrade the endpoints for both secondary and explanatory sections by holding a meeting in August 2020. This is the main reason for the conference’s cancellation for discussing the results of the fiscal quarter, which ended in June 2020. The company has also provided the information on TRILOGY1 in a special package of TYPE C in April 2020. 

Thus, the share of NASDAQ: ACST is a good option for buying at the moment as it is recommended for buying by 80% of the people, and 20% keep it under the “strong-buy” category in the stock market. They believe it will continue to yield good results in the future as well.  You can get the real time stock quotes before stock trading. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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