March 7, 2021

How technology is changing the warehouse and distribution industry

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Advances in technology are having a major impact on every aspect of our lives, but when it comes to the warehouse and distribution industry, technology is also playing a part to alter this sector dramatically. Here’s how.


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Tracking software improvements

Products that are shipped from point A to B can now be accurately tracked thanks to huge advances in tracking software technology. This is great news for businesses, but it also means customers know exactly where their consignment is at any stage of its journey.

Increased efficiencies thanks to real-time data

Warehouse and distribution businesses are increasingly making use of real-time data to improve their operations. By providing instant information and updates, customer service can be improved, which translates to higher levels of customer satisfaction. According to CIO, real-time data analysis also minimises risk as it changes the way systems use data to make predictions and suggest alternatives. Modern technology also allows data to be made available across the entire supply chain.


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Better customer experience

Changes in technology have made customers more interested in the experience of purchasing products rather than the actual acquisition of these goods. With the rise of e-commerce, warehouse and distribution businesses are increasingly making use of technology that responds to customer demands for immediacy.

Optimised operations

Improvements in technology are making daily operations easier to manage and organise for warehouse and distribution companies. By using industrial shelving Ireland products such as those from, for example, businesses can make use of bar code scanning and other technologies that make picking items off shelving easier, quicker and more efficient. This places less of a burden on staff, allowing them to focus their skills on other activities.

Vehicle efficiency

Thanks to technology gains, it is now much easier for businesses to manage their fleet of vehicles and improve the efficiency of their distribution. Customers increasingly prefer options that are friendly to the environment, and warehouse and distribution businesses are reacting accordingly and investing in technology that can reduce fuel emissions and increase vehicle efficiency.

Vehicle tracking

New technology also makes it much easier for businesses to track their vehicles when they’re out on the road. Tracking devices can monitor the driving of employees and ensure they are safe when out and about. Taking an interest in staff safety can improve employee retention.

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