February 26, 2021

Tips For Creating a Filing System For Your Office

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The best filing systems in office spaces are simple and easy to use so the employees who need access to files can find what they need quickly. Your filing system can be organized in a variety of ways, but the most important part of filing is making sure everyone in the office knows what the organizational structure is. Use the following ideas to create an arrangement of files that works well for your paperwork.

Determine Storage Needs

Knowing how many used office file cabinets you need will help you determine where to place your filing area. You may want to have two separate filing areas, one for current files and another for archives. This will help you simplify the amount of files you’re rifling through daily and prevent mix ups with out-of-date paperwork.

Color Code

Purchase file folders in different colors and decide on a color coding system to make finding files easy. You can use hanging folders in color and fill them with plain colored manila folders to hold extra paperwork. Use color consistently through the office to help employees find what they need.

Choose a Sorting System

How do you want your files sorted? Determine if you want your folders to be organized alphabetically, by date, by event or by topic. The nature of your business will help you decide the best sorting method for your files.

Use Labels

With each employee having different handwriting, some more neat than others, you may want to use labels for a clear and consistent typeface. This can help with efficiency when people need to search for specific files.

Using a combination of color coding, organization and clear labeling will ensure your office files stay nice and tidy. Regularly cleaning out filing cabinets and moving old files to a separate archive space can keep the current file folders decluttered and easy to find.

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