March 2, 2021

Top Brochure Tricks and Hacks to Boost Your Business

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You and your company may have a website, a Facebook page, and an Instagram Business Account but you there’s one thing your company needs: A brochure. Even in the digital age, you will still require a brochure to boost your business.

Most start-ups, SMEs and even big businesses use brochures to follow-up and close online leads. So a printed brochure is always the best bet to boost your business. However, a lot depends on the brochure design.

Use Brochures Hacks for Boosting Your Business

Here are some top brochure tips, tricks, and hacks to boost your business.

  1. Evolve a Unique and Eye-Catching Design

Brochures create impact only when their design is different and eye-catching. Visualize a unique design for your brochure to capture the attention of the audience.

Use different folding options like bi-fold, tri-fold, Z fold, roll fold, Accordion fold etc. to innovate. Select a different quality of paper texture or finish to create a difference. Die-cut designs also serve to impress the viewer instantly.

  1. Add an Element of Surprise

Don’t let your folder be ordinary. Create a special touch by adding a surprise element to the brochure. It could be a small free gift taped to the centerfold or a sample of your product attached inside. Fr technical brochures, a free CD could be attached to the brochure.

Customers and clients love such little surprises. This surprise will be unanticipated and hence it will create a memorable impact on the customer’s mind.

  1. Make it More Than Just a Brochure

Is your brochure just going to act as a promotional pamphlet?  Hope not. Add some extra purpose or functionality to your brochure and watch your customers go crazy over this brochure.

Yes, create an awesome design where your brochure can double up as a photo frame. Or one part of it features a calendar.  Add some utility to your brochure to make it more useful when it is taken home. Everyone will grab a copy of your brochure for sure.

  1. Is There a Freebie?

Use your brochure innovatively for your marketing campaigns. Include a tear-off discount voucher or offer coupon one page of the brochure. Or, you can print promo codes with valid dates on the last page of the brochure. This helps to organize a contest as well (first 20 people in the store, answer the question, etc.).

Remember, everyone loves a freebie and they would never want to miss out on deals.  Make sure that you print such brochures in small quantities as the validity of the coupons will expire soon and the coupons have to be changed.

  1. Let Your Brochure be Rare

The rarer something is, the more valuable it is. Do not print your brochure in thousands and hand them out in random. Create a buzz and demand for your brochure by printing limited numbers.

Add in some mystery around the whole thing. Always print them in small batches when the need arises. Have a trusted print provider who will offer to print the brochure within the quickest possible time.

Creating a hype around your brochure adds an element of importance to it and makes it worth collecting. When copies of your brochure with special freebies and surprises are rare, the demand will increase as no one wants to miss an offer.

  1. Let Your Brochure Have Some Thought Leadership

Yes, don’t make your brochure just your brand bandwagon or its offer zone. Add some content to the Brochure that makes it useful to the consumer beyond the point of sales.

For example, a paint company brochure can give creative décor ideas. A spice company brochure can have some lip-smacking recipes listed on it.  A notebook company even has quiz facts printed on its inside covers. Such thought- leadership ideas make your brochure a sure collectable.

The success of Brochure printing depends to a large extent on its artistic designs and quality printing. Implement the above Brochure hacks through seasoned print professionals who can add value to your brochure and boost your business.

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