March 5, 2021

Vouching For Virtual – Why Large Businesses Are Taking Advantage Of Virtual Offices

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According to the World Bank, doing business in Thailand has gotten easier a few years ago. For foreign investors, this news is almost an invitation to research and take advantage of the markets in the area. However, as a business on foreign soil, knowing whether to invest the time and resources in a different country is a primary concern, especially when the country’s economy is recovering.

One of the best ways to approach tapping into the potentially lucrative markets in the country is to test the waters first. Larger businesses with the funding can afford to set up shop in some of the more affluent areas in Bangkok and other major cities in the country. However, many are finding that investing in an office for even long-term work is not as effective or productive. In exchange for pricey spaces that sit above the city, large businesses are opting for the virtual office in Bangkok and other cities where infrastructure might be lagging behind other nations in the Asia-Pacific Market.

Keep reading to find out why larger businesses might find the virtual office a better solution than conventional offices in Bangkok.

Big City Logistics

Thailand is still struggling in terms of creating an infrastructure that makes travelling in the country easy. In some of the major cities, traffic is a real problem, and people can find themselves crawling through Bangkok, which can be an issue when timeliness is important. Add to the fact that air pollution is a real problem in the city, and sitting in traffic can be a nightmare.

The virtual office and serviced offices like those provided by Servcorp at, is one way to get around even having to trek into the city. One of the reasons this is so is because the virtual office can recreate the infrastructure of an actual office in the online format. In addition to creating a system to communicate with team members, your office can complete a variety of functions.

Research Tools

Through your virtual office, you can investigate the market in the location of your choice. Furthermore, the internet landscape can give you access to a number of the market indices for whatever investment or industry you are trying to research. After you have done all of your research, businesses gain the advantage of giving the location of their choice a test run, and the best part is you do not need an office only an internet connection and a device to test the market.

Managing Employees

Large businesses, in general, are finding that the remote-working platform works best in some situations, and those scoping out Thailand might be one situation, especially if not familiar with the terrain. Through the online platform, businesses can pretty much track their employees’ progress, keep in touch with them throughout the day, set meetings, and complete a host of other activities. Your employees can contact you throughout the day through instant message and other means making the virtual office a viable way to run an office.

Manage Your Administrative Tasks

The tools that can be accessed through the online format also make taking care of the business of managing an office simple. If you want an easy accounting method, research some of the accounting software that can both sync information from your business accounts to your books while automating a lot of this work. Ultimately, keeping the books can be made simple through the virtual office.

The Advantage Of Going Virtual

With many businesses moving to the online format, it is no surprise that bigger businesses are finding virtual space a new frontier to be conquered. Virtual space, by virtue of its manoeuvrability, can make the logistics of fieldwork so much more efficient. Finally, it is difficult to ignore the cost-effectiveness of working in virtual space.

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