How to Start a Franchise with No Money: 3 Need-to-Know Tips

If you’re looking for a fresh start, opening your own franchise can be a great option. After all, unlike starting a business wholly from scratch, a franchise already has name-recognition, a built-in brand, and broad appeal. From restaurants to shipping centers, there are plenty of industries to explore if you’re interested in opening your own franchise. However, some people may choose not to consider this path, because of the amount of money in their bank account. Here are three tips to start a franchise if you don’t have any money.
Find funding from several sources
Rather than looking for funding from one, core source, it may be worth exploring several different funding options to see if you can combine funding rather than put all of your eggs in one basket. This may mean asking friends or family members for small personal loans or applying for a small business loan yourself. Other things you could do to get some extra money include looking into a home equity line of credit (HELOC) or pulling some money from your 401k or retirement fund. One way to use your 401k savings is to learn more about the process of rolling over your existing account into a business startup.
It’s also worth talking about your financial situation with the franchise you’re interested in working with, because you may be able to lease some of their equipment rather than purchase everything outright. Some franchises also offer incentivized programs for minority groups that help you receive a reduced cost on your franchise fee. Looking into any or all of these financing options can be a major boon for your business, since many times funders look for other funders to help decide whether or not to give you money for a project.
Consider a partnership
Another way you may be able to start a franchise with little to no money is to look for a business partner to go in on the project with you. This might be a friend or family member, or it could be someone you’ve met in your schooling. It’s never recommended to go into a business partnership with someone you don’t know very well, as business relationships can often become fraught. Sharing responsibilities with another individual also means sharing profits, and so it is crucial to have a positive relationship with your business partner. How exactly you draw up a partner agreement will vary from situation to situation (and from partner to partner), so it’s a good idea to retain a franchise or business lawyer to help guide you through the process.
Choose an inexpensive franchise with high profit margins
When seeking out franchise opportunities, be sure to consider a franchise that won’t break the bank or is impossible to get enough funding for. Typical franchise fees cost anywhere between $20,000 to $60,000, but that fee doesn’t always include necessary training or equipment to run the business itself. Make sure you carefully read over the franchise agreement and fully understand what sorts of costs are associated with launching your franchise. From there, you can make an informed decision and choose a franchise that is well-priced overall and not just on its face. This can be a major factor in how your profit margins shape up, since if you have monthly loan payments and credit card bills, you will be eating into the money you make just to keep your business operating. Having a lower debt-to-income ratio from the onset can mean your franchise is more sustainable in the long run.
If you want to become a franchisee, you may think poor financials will keep you out of the game. However, there are actually plenty of ways to pursue your dreams and achieve your goals, as long as you follow the tips above. By finding external funding sources, considering partnerships, and making a prudent financial choice when it comes to picking your franchise, it will be possible to own your own franchise.


Post Free Classifieds Ads To Get Immediate Attention Of Your Customers

Promotion of any business is always vital in the way to generate prolific results. Most of the businesses are involved today in adopting different kinds of advertising activities and few of them are still stick with the old school marketing techniques. However, old patterns of marketing are not beneficial when comparing it with the other modern techniques being used by various businesses. All of these modern approaches are deemed as best and help most of the individuals to do well with their business by driving appropriate revenue. Today forum posting, blog comments, content syndication and various other methods exist and these are helping most of the businesses to spread their message ahead to their prospect customers.

Cover your target audience

If you are still using the old patterns of advertising for your business promotion then there are lots of chances to miss a lot. Your paper advert might cover specific geo-location, hence, you might miss your prospect customers coming towards your business. These sorts of advertisements are only beneficial to those who only need the awareness of certain target. However, the evolution of websites has also transformed the market a lot and today you can access the website from any location to check whether the product or service you are looking for is available at your adjacent location or not. You can also post free classifieds ads in different classified websites to find the urgent attention of their customers.

Post your ads in targeted categories

When using these classified websites for ad posting purpose, you will be able to find lots of categories suitable for your business. Selection of an appropriate category is always essential and you need to select them quite carefully so that it can receive the right kind of customers. These categories help most of the individuals to find their best in a one place and hence if you are posting in a wrong category then there are huge chances to waste your efforts placed to get desired results.

You can post free classifieds ads as per your demand or as per the need of your business. Whether it is your real estate ad or you have your old household chores to sell them in the market. You can do it in quite effortless ways just by posting their details in different classified websites. Ad posting is a proven strategy for most of the businesses, it not only helps them to boost well but it also increases the reveue from specific business.


The benefits of warehousing

In the field of manufacturing, enhancing productivity and lowering costs are the most important requirements. Being able to find the best way to manage elements such as storage, distribution and logistics can be essential in succeeding and warehouses are a great way to help in this sense. In fact, they entail many advantages and benefits that we tried to list in the next lines.
The most important benefit of warehousing. Surplus commodities, things that are not needed immediately can easily be stored in a warehouse. Storing in an organized manner is crucial because it allows you to pick up quickly what clients require without wasting precious time.
Opportunity to expand
This is strictly related to the benefit we just discussed. In fact, by not having to store all the materials in your manufacturing facility you eventually gain a lot of space to develop products and improve the processes. In other words, taking advantage of a warehouse leave you dramatically more room to focus on the core of your business.
Picking, packing and shipping
A good, functioning warehouse does not simply store your products, it does a lot more. Picking, packing, shipping products and managing your inventory are all part of the services offered and they can improve your business success by pleasing your customers.
Minimise risk
Storing goods in a warehouse is probably the best way to minimise risks. In fact, your inventory is protected by any issue regarding theft, damage, and fire. Moreover, if you rely on a warehousing company these losses are ensured by the warehouse owners. It is for this reason that the most efficient warehouses choose a velopack, to increase security and minimise any risk of losses.
Finance help
Yes, warehousing is also a great way to help your business’ finances. By using a warehouse the business owner has the chance to borrow money against the security of the materials or goods in the warehouse itself. In addition, bonded warehouses, those that are licensed by the government, welcome imported goods to be stored until customs duty can be paid. In this way, you can control costs that are proportional to customs duty.
Price stabilisation
This is one of the most important and fruitful features of warehousing. In fact, having a warehouse at your disposal allows you to always be aligned with the market’s needs. When supply exceeds demand, you have the chance to store your goods in advance, while when demand starts rising again you can put them in the market quickly and satisfy clients’ desires. Keeping balanced stocking levels is helpful in stabilising the price and, therefore, plan actions in advance.


The Reasons Why You Choose FedEx

FedEx has been recognized as one of the biggest expedition companies in the world for so many years. It can definitely provide you the best shipping service wherever you want to send your stuff. So then, it is so clear that this shipping service provider will never let you feel disappointed.

Then, the notable experiences of the company in these 40 years are also something else that makes many people put their trust on it. Well, you can actually find the other reasons why you better choose FedEx than the other shipping service providers. So, let’s check them out below.

The Various Shipping Services

One of the reasons why you have to choose FedEx is because it can offer you the various shipping services, which are the International Shipping Service, the Intra Shipping Service, the Document Shipping Services, and so on. So then, you will have numerous options when you let FedEx send your stuff.

However, it is a must for you to choose a particular shipping service that really suits your requirements. So, there will be nothing you need to worry about as you let the courier from the company do the jobs. In addition, you have to open a FedEx account in order to make the shipping process get done easily. Just for your information, Fedex Canada is one that always keeps up the good works for all of the shipping services it does through this system.

The Time Saving Technology

Next, FedEx can also offer you the Time Saving Technology in order to improve the quality of the shipping service. In the simple words, FedEx can offer you the online shipping tools and applications to make the shipment of the customers get processed in the more efficient way. Beside of that, this kind of technology can also help the staffs from the shipping company to always give the better service to satisfy the customers as well as possible.

Not only that, this specific technology will allow you to arrangement to get the shipment of the customer to FedEx, whether you want to use Fedex Pickup or not. This service is definitely cool and suitable for those who do not have enough time take care of the shipment by themselves.

The Notable Customer Service

The last but not least, the other reason why it is so much recommended for you to choose FedEx is because it has the notable customer service. There is actually Fedex CS and FedEx Virtual Assistant that will always try to responds you kindly and helpfully every time you have any questions and complaints you want to tell to the company. They are going to offer you the best solutions possible to help you out.

Besides, all of the information that the customers need is explained using the easy to understand words and polite way for sure. Additionally, you can contact FedEx Customers Service by calling 1 800 463 3339 or visiting its official website which are available for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


The importance of the credit broker for a mortgage: useful opinions and advice

The figure of the broker or credit broker has been regulated in Italy in a timely and well-defined manner only for a few years, to better protect consumers. This does not mean that it is a profession that besides being conditioned by chiaroscuro points, inevitably leads to the need to have to pay additional commissions.
Therefore it is necessary to evaluate carefully if the added value obtained with the intervention of the broker specialized on mortgages is really the extra expense that must be paid. The evaluation of the surplus of quality or convenience depends on different types of needs, but there are some that are of a certain relevance. You can choose the Mortgage Brokers Manchester there.
When the practice of mortgage is very difficult or you encounter difficulties with the banks
A good broker has a good knowledge of the banks that operate in the area in which he works (in cities like Milan, Rome, Turin there is more choice for obvious reasons but in smaller centers he compensates himself with more in-depth and close knowledge with the bank staff), and above all a network of relationships structured in such a way as to guarantee a diversification of the offer according to the different needs. Once you understand the problem that makes a loan request difficult, you can reorganize the documentation (see also Documents for mortgage), advise on the amount actually to be requested, and above all contact the bank that has a credit policy that in the specific case increases the possibility of obtaining the requested sum . To all this is added a constant presence, which should goad the bank’s staff, until the time when we meet in front of the notary (see also Notary’s appraisal and estimate).
When you can get agreed rates
The most experienced brokers, who have shown certain professionalism and a vast clientele, manage to negotiate with the banks on the rates. This means that by applying to them we obtain reduced spreads. It could be objected that in any case this advantage is not obtained for free, because there are the commissions to be paid to the broker himself for the loan obtained with his intervention. E ‘in any case to consider that the spread produces effects over the decades and the calculation of interest is composed, so the saving over time almost always exceeds the expense that must be sustained immediately .
What must a credit broker guarantee?
Professionalism and fairness are the first requirements. A professional broker will make a contract where the percentage foreseen for his intervention is specified and will never require any down payment or amount (a small sum, up to 1000 euros, can be deducted). Finally, the mediator will have to clearly highlight the moment in which the commissions must be paid, which should not anticipate the moment in which the bank is ready to detach the check.


Things to look for while hiring a professional bookkeeper

We all know that for a business to grow well, the best thing that you need to have is the bookkeeper and the bookkeeping services to keep your records and transactions safe. The numerous benefits of the bookkeeping services for the well being of the company make it the integral part of the company and those who choose to ignore its importance, suffer from it a lot. A book keeper is the person who can take good care of your records, bills and transactions on daily basis so that all the happenings of the company and its money matters are transparent and you have the access to them all the time. When everything is written in paper and pen, it becomes easier for you to keep check and balance of the money and make right decisions based on the data provided.

Here in this post, we are going to present to you the benefits and reasons for hiring a professional bookkeeper and will also guide you for what you need to look in the best bookkeeper.

  • Should be professional, process driven and organized

The bookkeeper must have all the qualitative that are required to maintain a healthy bookkeeping record of the company. He must be competent, must know all about the industry, and should be well organized and skilled to meet the rising demands of the company. He must be capable of meeting the deadlines and should put the things in a streamline to follow an order and get going according to the plan. Must be able to organize and generate records based on his observations and must meet all the goals. You can talk to the person you are hiring at the time of interview about all these things.

  • Should be trustworthy

It is something basic and very important for you and your firms since you have to put all your trust into the person you are hiring, give him all the details of the company and should not hide anything from him. On the other hand, the person you are hiring should be capable of maintaining that secrecy of the company. You will have to allow the bookkeeper to access all the information of the bank accounts and in return give you his services. So the xero bookkeeping services is all about a relationship based on mutual trust.

  • Up to date knowledge of the software

It is very important that the person you are hiring for the bookkeeping task should be able to perform all the bookkeeping operations on the software as bookkeeping is nothing without the software. Must be able to use the cloud bookkeeping network and also know all about the banking procedures and online financial coverage.

  • Should have great communication skills

Since many a times, the bookkeeper will have to communicate and link to the other people, therefore you must try to check that the person you are hiring have great communication skills.


Arnon Dror Creo Americas – Gain the Competitive Edge Through Business Mergers

Arnon Dror is a man of many talents. This successful businessman is a name to reckon with the world of international finance. He has the distinction of occupying the office of Vice-President in many credible companies. These include US channel group, Creo Inc., Scitex, Kodak, Creo Americas and Presstek. The executives of these establishments say he has an impressive track record in the area of corporate reconstruction. They credit him with turning around the fortunes of their concerns. Many of them regard him to be an expert in diverse fields. These include cash flow management, international taxation, ERP integration, internal controls, corporate mergers, and business negotiations.
Arnon Dror Creo Americas – What should entrepreneurs know about business mergers?
This financial expert says entrepreneurs operating a small business are open to the idea of business mergers. They feel taking such a step can give a strategic advantage over their competitors. It can make their establishments financially stronger. However, they need to understand an important fact. Acquiring another business for the right price is not an easy task to accomplish. They shouldn’t attempt it on their own. It is prudent on the part of these businessmen to hire a proficient professional specializing in the field. Only such a specialist has adequate skills, knowledge, and experience to help them out. Only then can these proprietors make the right decisions. Moreover, they need to consider the following 3 important factors when opting for this course of action.

  1. Assessing their business’ present financial condition

Entrepreneurs need to assess their business’ present financial condition before entering into merger negotiations. They can take expert help to calculate the precise value of what their concerns are worth. This puts them in better during the talks for determining the purchase price. They should have one objective in mind when opting for this course of action. This is to improve their establishment’s current liquidity position. If this is not the case, the exercise is a waste of their time, energy and money. They can review the Arnon Dror Creo Americas tenure on the internet to know the importance of this step.

  1. These businessmen should have a clear idea of their objectives

The entrepreneurs need a clear idea of what they want to achieve by entering into a merger agreement. Some of these businessmen may want to expand their current market operations or acquire new technology. Many of them may consider introducing a new product-line or streamline internal activities. On the other hand, other proprietors may just want to gain economies of scale. This is why they take steps to acquire another business for a reasonable price.

  1. Legal and tax implications

This is one important aspect which businessmen shouldn’t ignore. There are certain legal requirements they need to fulfill when entering into merger agreements. Moreover, they need to conduct an audit of their establishments prior, and after the arrangement, They got to comply with these guidelines to the letter. Otherwise, they find themselves on the wrong side of the law. This is the last thing they want.
Corporate mergers can work wonders for small business owners. However, they need to keep the above 3 important factors in mind during the discussions. This ensures they end up making the right decision. They can even browse the Arnon Dror twitter profile on the internet. It can clear all their doubts.


Top Brochure Tricks and Hacks to Boost Your Business

You and your company may have a website, a Facebook page, and an Instagram Business Account but you there’s one thing your company needs: A brochure. Even in the digital age, you will still require a brochure to boost your business.

Most start-ups, SMEs and even big businesses use brochures to follow-up and close online leads. So a printed brochure is always the best bet to boost your business. However, a lot depends on the brochure design.

Use Brochures Hacks for Boosting Your Business

Here are some top brochure tips, tricks, and hacks to boost your business.

  1. Evolve a Unique and Eye-Catching Design

Brochures create impact only when their design is different and eye-catching. Visualize a unique design for your brochure to capture the attention of the audience.

Use different folding options like bi-fold, tri-fold, Z fold, roll fold, Accordion fold etc. to innovate. Select a different quality of paper texture or finish to create a difference. Die-cut designs also serve to impress the viewer instantly.

  1. Add an Element of Surprise

Don’t let your folder be ordinary. Create a special touch by adding a surprise element to the brochure. It could be a small free gift taped to the centerfold or a sample of your product attached inside. Fr technical brochures, a free CD could be attached to the brochure.

Customers and clients love such little surprises. This surprise will be unanticipated and hence it will create a memorable impact on the customer’s mind.

  1. Make it More Than Just a Brochure

Is your brochure just going to act as a promotional pamphlet?  Hope not. Add some extra purpose or functionality to your brochure and watch your customers go crazy over this brochure.

Yes, create an awesome design where your brochure can double up as a photo frame. Or one part of it features a calendar.  Add some utility to your brochure to make it more useful when it is taken home. Everyone will grab a copy of your brochure for sure.

  1. Is There a Freebie?

Use your brochure innovatively for your marketing campaigns. Include a tear-off discount voucher or offer coupon one page of the brochure. Or, you can print promo codes with valid dates on the last page of the brochure. This helps to organize a contest as well (first 20 people in the store, answer the question, etc.).

Remember, everyone loves a freebie and they would never want to miss out on deals.  Make sure that you print such brochures in small quantities as the validity of the coupons will expire soon and the coupons have to be changed.

  1. Let Your Brochure be Rare

The rarer something is, the more valuable it is. Do not print your brochure in thousands and hand them out in random. Create a buzz and demand for your brochure by printing limited numbers.

Add in some mystery around the whole thing. Always print them in small batches when the need arises. Have a trusted print provider who will offer to print the brochure within the quickest possible time.

Creating a hype around your brochure adds an element of importance to it and makes it worth collecting. When copies of your brochure with special freebies and surprises are rare, the demand will increase as no one wants to miss an offer.

  1. Let Your Brochure Have Some Thought Leadership

Yes, don’t make your brochure just your brand bandwagon or its offer zone. Add some content to the Brochure that makes it useful to the consumer beyond the point of sales.

For example, a paint company brochure can give creative décor ideas. A spice company brochure can have some lip-smacking recipes listed on it.  A notebook company even has quiz facts printed on its inside covers. Such thought- leadership ideas make your brochure a sure collectable.

The success of Brochure printing depends to a large extent on its artistic designs and quality printing. Implement the above Brochure hacks through seasoned print professionals who can add value to your brochure and boost your business.


NHS told it's time to lose the pagers

In a bid to cut costs, time is running out for NHS pagers: medical staff have been asked to stop using them in the next two years. However, while the Health Secretary wants to replace outdated technology in the NHS, many doctors disagree: they think the reliable, fast pager service still has a role, especially in emergencies.


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A history of pagers and the NHS

Before mobile phones and text messaging as prevalent forms of communication, the pager was a popular messaging device of the 1980s. The ones used by today’s NHS can receive brief messages (for example, a short line of text or a number to call) with no option for a direct reply – responses require a landline or mobile. Messages are sent by calling a service operator or automated system, and are then directed to the recipient’s device.

The NHS has approximately 10% of the pagers still used across the world, roughly 130,000 in total. This costs nearly £7 million each year, a figure not helped by there being only one pager service (Capita’s PageOne) still operational in the UK. Vodafone previously ran a pager network but closed it in 2018.


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Yet it’s still popular among NHS staff, who appreciate its reliability, speed and widespread coverage. This makes it especially helpful in an emergency, for example having the ability to page multiple team members to respond to a medical situation when speed is of the essence.

What will replace pagers?

Replacing pagers is part of a wider initiative to update technology across the NHS, including computers and medical refrigeration, and phasing out fax machines. Firms such as Fridge Freezer Direct provide medical refrigeration options, one example of where having the latest equipment will lead to cost savings in the long term.

While mobile phones and email have been suggested as a more cost-effective solution, hospital phone and wi-fi coverage is often unreliable, not to mention the concern that mobiles can cause issues with other medical equipment. Some hospitals have run trials with medical-specific secure messaging apps, enabling staff to communicate one-on-one or as groups from devices such as tablets and desktop computers as well as phones. While this technology will eventually replace pagers in most situations, there still might be an emergency role for a service that while old, does a reliable job.


Things you should know before outsourcing bookkeeping services!

As a new venture in Dubai, it makes sense to outsource the bookkeeping services. While there is no dearth of bookkeeping services in Dubai, there are a few rules you should be aware of before making your choice. Read on to find out what to look for in a reliable and reputable bookkeeping service.

For the success of your business, outsourcing the accounting functionality and bookkeeping services is an advanced move that you should make. There are several bookkeeping services in Dubai that provide flexible, accountable and scalable services for you. With so much competition around they are very affordable and accurate in providing quality services. When you are backed by a strong partner for your accounting service, you, as a business owner, can enjoy a lot of peace of mind and lead a stress free business. However, before you hire the accounting or bookkeeping services in Dubai, you should run a background check and also see of your line of business is compatible with the services provided by the accounting firm.
Below are a few things that one must check for before hiring bookkeeping services in Dubai:

  1. Collect customer reviews: Read as many customer reviews as possible about the company so that you know how other clients have been treated buy the company and how their experience has been. You can do this online by sitting in your office room.
  2. Collect data about their experience: experience is everything in the accounting industry, the more experience they have, the more accurate their services will be. If you want to ensure a profitable business, it depends highly on hiring a reliable accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai. They should also have experience with your line of business. Also, check about their work ethics, their clientele list and their plans for your business.
  3. Tax accounting: You should also inquire about their plans on tax saving schemes for your business and if they have an experienced tax consultant on board. A company that offers all the services like accounting, bookkeeping and taxation services is your best bet because you are getting all the services needed under one umbrella.
  4. Access to the consultant: When you hire bookkeeping services in Dubai, you need to know that you never know when you are going to need them. In any type of business last minute changes and urgencies are inevitable. So the company that you hire should be accessible even at odd hours and whenever you need them. A company which is customer centricity as their core value will definitely be reachable. However, if you are going to hire a company that has too many customers or a never-ending list of clients, you could be the last on the list. So make a careful choice here.

When you own a business it is your responsibility to ensure that you are hiring the best available resource for your business in Dubai. Remember that you are outsourcing the core of your business which is accounting and bookkeeping services, so you need to be extremely careful. You can afford to have a fraudulent company as your partner or someone who is inconsistent and unreliable. If you want complete peace of mind then you need to be extremely attentive while hiring your consultant. Hire that one company which can take care of all your accounting needs in Dubai.