February 25, 2021

Africa – A thriving Continent

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Africa has always been the continent that has been economically and politically struggling. But apart from all that the people of Africa are hospitable and generous and are the perfect hosts. The world might say some bad things about them but that is just the world talking.

People love to travel to Africa and explore the different counties that have some mesmerizing scenes. Even though the people of Africa spent most of their lives under the rule of the British but with the bit of resources that they possess and their hard work, they have been thriving.

Every continent has its own history and its own way of being the best that it can be so there is no point is comparing it with the other continents. In the last year, there has been some great improvements socially, politically and economically  that the African Exponent talks about so if you want to know about them the visit https://www.africanexponent.com/post/9600-most-interesting-points-in-africas-year-2018.  

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