February 28, 2021

Are you a flexible worker? Ways to kick off the loneliness at workplace

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No communication, a quite workplace & no enthusiasm – does this scenario make your employees a flexible worker? No Never! Instead, they feel loneliness. So, what makes a flexible working environment? Well, the flexible working arrangements are those which allow employees to shift the timings, locations, compressed job, or sharing, among others. This practice has been found to reflect positive effects on employee commitment, modern working life environment, job satisfaction, and reduce work-family conflicts.
Accordingly, the social relationships at work refer to the social glue of any workplace, which makes the key for both psychological and physical wellbeing of employees and the success of the organization. As a result, many can be able to build and maintain relationships between the employees, and you’ll definitely balance like and work as well. Whether you are a flexible worker or not, social connections at work are important. And, it can be a factor to send away your loneliness too. Here are the tips to improve your social relationships at work. Here is the way to go!
Don’t over-do work remotely
According to Nespresso Professional, 84% of employees believe that social connections at work boost work quality. Imagine that you’re working all-time & every day; make meetings virtual, and there’s no coffee machine to gather around and socialize with coworkers. It’s actually a depressing scenario, and there can be physical and psychological effects of loneliness. So, plan ahead and balance the amount of time you spend in and out of the office can significantly make you socialize among others.
Accordingly, small talk with colleagues has a social function for maintaining social glue in the organization. For this, keep them engaging by playing games, share their views among others, and many more is there to boost their depression.
If it isn’t possible to conduct the mind-booster game, arrange a small outing, or have a meeting with colleagues for a coffee at home or somewhere you feel convenient. Overall, it’s all about balance!
Spend time to meet your colleagues
Of course, you may speak to or email your colleagues all the time, but face-to-face communication is important too. For this, arrange a meeting and get to know your colleagues can help. Additionally, the use of technology such as video conferencing and communication platform like Slack, Office Chat, and many more will save the inconvenience of having to speak in person. Even though technologies reshape us, we always need to get into the habit of broaching the actual conversation.
Sometimes, the technology has also increased the risk of miscommunication, which slows the growth of relationships among employees, harms them, and leading to the loneliness for some. Also, social isolation can also persist even when working in the same physical location. Keep in mind that, if the flexible arrangements and communication technology makes us ubiquitous, loneliness keeps on increasing. To tolerate all those circumstances, plan a social event and keep your employees engaged always.
Make an effort to chat
Having informal conversations among the employers and employees has a strong connection on building relationships in the office. For this only, many of the instant messenger software has been built with too many in-built features which make employees close to each other. Yes, by next time while chatting to a colleague just on work; ask them something else out of the box personally such as late night’s drive, TV shows they watch, the football or cricket match scenario or weekend plans and many more.
If the above scenario doesn’t happen in your workplace, then definitely loneliness may disturb your sense of feeling. Yes, loneliness is essentially the gap between your social interaction and the expectation you created for that social interaction. So, instead of formal communication, create a sense of conversations about a non-work topic that makes people feel more supported.
Ultimately, loneliness cannot be avoided while you undergo work from home. Nevertheless, there is definitely a way to cope up this. To balance the time span you spent working at home and in the office, choose the best instant messenger for office use and have fun regularly with your colleagues.
Follow all those tactics to send away the loneliness and seclusion as well as it’s the first step towards improving the social relations at work.

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