February 28, 2021

“But is it user friendly?”

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Technological developments go extremely fast. Just by looking at the last two decades, it is impressive how quickly technology has evolved, allowing us all to make use of smartphones, tablets, applications of any kind and various modern devices. However, quality and performances are not everything nowadays. Instead, the need for having user-friendly technology at our disposal keeps growing and does not seem to be intentioned to stop anytime soon. Therefore, simple questions such as “what does user-friendly mean” and “why is it so important” may be worth receiving answers.
Eight seconds. That is the current, perhaps surprising, average attentions span of a person nowadays. It means that when people deal with a website, an application or a device they want it to be simple and intuitive to use, even for those who never had any experience with it beforehand. If they do not manage to use it within eight seconds, chances that they will look for alternatives get dramatically higher. What it also means is that companies have approximately eight seconds to gain a new customer. A user wants to skim for keywords and phrases quickly and easily, he wants the font of a website to be simple to read and he wants it well structured and organized. Therefore, using user-friendly technology is crucial for a business’s success.
However, there is another key element worth of consideration here. User-friendly technology is not just important because it increases chances to gain new clients. User-friendly technology is also relevant for companies’ employees. Think about this concrete example. A lot of big firms chase ideal check scanner driver nowadays, because it decreases costs and time dramatically. Hence, it increases a company’s productivity. In this regard, it is worth mentioning that if IT members have to learn how to use difficult technology, it can be problematic since it could be a waste of precious, productive time. Therefore, user-friendly also means time saving.
Moreover, if an employee is armed with a tool he or she loves, it is likely that the result will be better. After all, getting a satisfying and comfortable feeling while you are working is strictly directed with the success of the company itself. So it is definitely better to satisfy employees’ preferences and provide them with easy to use tools.
In conclusion, user-friendly technology is a massive requirement nowadays. Users need to become familiar with what they are using quickly or the risk of not satisfying them is high. On the other hand, by developing user-friendly technology companies also ensure employees’ gratification and productivity, proving to be in touch with the current needs.

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