March 7, 2021

Smart Deals in Climate Change And More with Esformes

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The climate is constantly changing, but these changes are currently occurring at a speed and scale previously unmatched. These changes are due to an increase in global temperature, global warming. This process is different depending on where you are on the planet, but no one can escape. There are regular significant deviations from average temperature, precipitation, wind, etc. Morris Esformes has been working on these matters and also has written important books on the same. If you take look at the Esformes Biography and find out the things that Esformes has been working for regarding the climate change issue. Surely you will find the best options there.
Why Is The Climate Changing?
Scientists have been able to show that over the last two centuries, it has been human activity, linked to the progress of industrialization, that is causing global warming. More concretely, the acceleration of climate change is caused by the increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere.
The discovery of the action of the “greenhouse effect” in the nineteenth century allowed scientists to understand the relationship between the concentration of GHGs (mainly from fuel combustion) and climate change.
Scientists are currently seeing a global warming of 0.85 degrees compared to 1880.
Unprecedented Warming – Are We Really Sure?
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been working under the auspices of the United Nations since 1988. This Panel evaluates and analyzes scientific, technical and socio-economic literature related to climate change. His report published in 2013-2014 is recognized as the greatest scientific book in history.
In this report, the concluding observations of hundreds of climate experts have shown that the links between human activity and global warming are “extremely likely”.
The signs of the warming are not lacking:
A dozen indicators point to warming: air temperature above the ground, above the oceans, at the surface of the sea and the troposphere, ocean heat, sea level, humidity, temperature, melting glaciers, Arctic ice and spring snow.
Each of the last three decades has been warmer than the previous one and all the other decades since 1850.
The sea level rose on average by 19 cm between 1901 and 2010, the phenomenon doubling speed in the last two decades.
Temperatures in southern Quebec have increased from 0.2 ° C to 0.4 ° C per decade over the recent past (1960-2005).
“Man’s influence on the climate system is clear and today, the highest greenhouse gas emissions from man are ever observed. Recent climate change has had a wide impact on human and natural systems. ” – IPCC, Climate Change 2019: Summary Report says this.
What Will Happen If We Do Nothing?
The impacts of global warming are already evident and will continue, especially as GHG emissions continue to accumulate in the atmosphere. Climate models predict that the planet’s temperature will increase further by 2100. Without a drastic reduction in GHG emissions, climate change will continue and could worsen the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events : intense droughts, rains torrential, tropical storms, hurricanes, etc.
Changes in climate will also have an effect on a wide range of human activities: livestock production and harvests (decrease in agricultural production), public health (smog, heat waves, forest fires, mosquitoes, infectious diseases, allergies). life (bank erosion, water scarcity) and commercial and industrial activities (difficulties in supplying resources and energy).

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