March 7, 2021

The 10 Best Cities to Study Abroad in Europe

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Europe is a place with lot of diverse culture and lifestyle. Study in Europe is always a bets option and getting popular these days for higher education and also for a good career boost. There are few best overseas education consultants which commonly provide the best “European Education Programmes”.
1.Barcelona, Spain- Study in Spain
Located in Spain’s Northeast, Barcelona is the capital of the Catalonia Province, which has an entirely different feel, culture, and even language than the rest of the country. For study abroad students, Barcelona is a solid choice because of the diversity the city offers.

  1. Lisbon, Portugal- Study in Portugal

A few days in Portugal’s capital city is almost guaranteed to make you fall in love with this country and its charms. s the capital of Portugal, Lisbon attracts students from all across the country, making it a great place to connect with locals who may also be on the lookout for new friends.
3.Montpellier, France- Study in France
Montpellier is abuzz with student activity and Rent prices are reasonable, coming in around 450 Euro a month. There are 3 successor universities to the University of Montpellier, each one specialising in a different field.

  1. Berlin, Germany – Study in Germany

Set foot in Berlin and you’ll feel for yourself that the city is buzzing — buzzing with culture, history and the energy of social change and progress. With a population of just more than 3 million, Berlin is the second largest city in the European Union
5.Milan, Italy v- Study in Italy
While you might expect to find a city like Rome or Florence on our list of top study abroad destinations. we’re recommending Milan if you’re on the fence about which city in Italy to study abroad .For starters, by studying in Milan, you’ll skip all the crowds of other students who choose those other popular, “traditional” cities in Italy.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic – Study in Czech Republic

The capital of one of Europe’s newest countries Prague is home to a budding hipster scene.
Many leading IT companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and Hewlett–Packard have branches in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic has a low crime rate and civil disorder is very rare the country.
7.Warsaw,Poland- Study in Poland
If you have decided that you want to study in Poland then you must know that Poland is a country divided in many cities. One of the study abroad destinations in Europe, Poland, is a great place to acquire higher education. Poland is a country producing alumni that cross even those that studied in Ivy League institution and top study abroad destinations.

  1. Stockholm,Sweden – Study in Sweden

Stockholm, as Sweden’s capital city, is the largest by population and number of universities to choose from. KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University, Karolinska Institutet, or Stockholm School of Economics.with a special Swedish flare and attitude that has become known around the world.

  1. Budapest “The Heart of Europe” Hungary – Study in Hungary

Budapest is the center of everything and the city is beating like the heart of Central Europe.Hungarian institutions achieved a high position in many university rankings, and Hungarian degrees are of internationally recognized quality. The membership of the Hungarian

  1. Paris,France –Study in Paris

France has a low tuition rate for both local and international students. Paris the French capital is the top overall  Best Student Cities for 2 consecutive years. Other cities in France have the additional advantage of having a lower cost of living than Paris. The tuition fees are very nominal.

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