March 5, 2021

Type of pollution and products to reduce it 

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Any undesirable change in the environment is called pollution. Anything which causes harm to the environment and human is counted in the category of pollution. If we see the main origin or you can say from where it damage our environment most is the start of the industrialization era. In this time frame, a lot of factories develop and people start producing many products in them. The smoke which is produced by these factories is the main cause of air pollution from those days.
The smoke which is produced from these factories and other products increase the quantity of pollution on earth. Due to which different kind of diseases attacks on human beings which are born due to these different type of pollutions. Then due to pollution, we are facing the worst weather condition these days due to global warming. From recent research from the past 5 years, the human is facing the worst weather condition in all parts of the world. They will get even more dangerous with the passage of time if we could not find a solution for this pollution.
Type of pollution:
There are many types of pollution which exist on earth but the most dangerous one is air pollution and water pollution. The main cause of this pollution is the smoke and waste produced by factories. The smoke which is produced by different factories has toxic chemicals in it. These chemicals become the source of different kind of diseases in human beings. They are the main cause of asthma disease then they will cause lungs cancer as well.
Then the waste which is produced by these companies causes water pollution as well which is most dangerous in nature. These companies through their waste in canals and rivers. Then this water is get mixed with drinking water and cause a different kind of diseases to human beings.
Then we have noise pollution which is not good for the health of our brain and affect our working skills as well. This pollution is created mostly due to vehicle horns and sound systems. But these vehicles also contribute to air pollution as well by producing toxic gasses while operating.
Products to reduce pollution:
There are many companies like Here who are working on different products like living air purifier to reduce air pollution. These companies produce this air purifier with advanced technology. They will help you out to purify the air in your surroundings. These air purifiers operate in a controlled environment to get the best results. You can use them in your room or offices which have the same area for which these purifiers are built. They are available with a different working range in the market.
Then we have water purifiers. They will provide best-filtered water with zero germs and chemicals. These water purifiers help you to be saved from water pollution.  It will provide you best-purified water with its six-layer filtration technology. It will extract all kind of germs and pollution particle from your water. These products are tested by various health care institutions around the world.

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