February 26, 2021

When is it worth choosing a hermetic refrigeration compressor?

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Air conditioning systems, heat pumps and refrigeration systems are made of four main components: a condenser, a pressure regulator, an evaporator and a compressor. The latter has the vital function of compressing the refrigerant gas and, therefore, giving it the amount of mechanical energy necessary to create cold.
The main types of compressors used nowadays are piston, screw and scroll refrigeration compressors, but today we will focus on the systems used in these devices: open, semi-hermetic and hermetic refrigeration compressors. Specifically, we are going to analyse the hermetic version in depth, listing and explaining the advantages and disadvantages of such a system and why it could be a good choice for you.
First of all, it is worth mentioning the criteria to take into account in choosing the right refrigeration compressors. The most important element is probably the refrigeration capacity needed, since it differs from one system to another. Secondly, economical factors cannot be ignored. Some devices are considerably more affordable than others and, based on your needs and the resources at your disposal, it is important to take that into account. Last but not least, the noise level and the space requirement can make a difference in choosing a refrigeration compressor. The latter is relevant because it has to be compatible with the refrigerant used in the refrigeration circuit, while the former is, as you may guess, strictly related to our own comfort, since having a noisy refrigerator could result in some annoying issues.
In this regard, hermetic refrigeration compressors entail many advantages but also some disadvantages. In these kind of systems the electric motor and the compressor are hermetically sealed. This is, by all means, the greatest advantage of the hermetic refrigeration compressor, because its sealing system is ensured by a closed envelope and is not dependent on other components such as the rotating shaft seal. Then, there are two additional advantages that could fit perfectly certain requests. In fact, if you are looking for a relatively high amount of power and you are not willing to invest much in it, hermetic compressors are simply perfect. Their affordability and their power capacity are indeed well known and make these devices perfect for consumers with such requests.
On the contrary, their structure makes hermetic compressors hard to adjust and impossible to repair. As said, they are hermetically closed and the only way to adjust the cooling capacity is by varying the frequency of the supply current. For what concerns any relevant malfunction, fixing them is not a possibility.
In conclusion, hermetic refrigeration compressors are a great chance for many consumers, due to their peculiar characteristics. If your needs and demands are in line with these systems they can be a great deal.

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