March 2, 2021

5 Important Reasons Why Every Business Needs A Website

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We still cannot figure out just exactly why so many small businesses still do not have a website. Small businesses that have still not joined the digital age and have not made their presence known online are really missing out. Having a website is just one of the ways every small business can capitalise on the digital age. Websites are a great way for small businesses to generate revenue and increase profits.
Billions of people use the internet daily to buy and sell products and services. Here are the top 5 reasons why every small business needs to have a website created by HubSpot:
Online people make online decisions
With billions of people online every day you need to make sure that your business is reachable online. Today the majority of purchase decision makers around the world are choosing to buy their products online. Additionally, more and more people are choosing to request and book services online. People use the internet to buy everything from jewellery to vehicles and everything in between. Online shopping has become the norm and you as a small business needs to take advantage of this trend.
A company with a website is credible
Because so many people use the internet daily, a company with an online presence is perceived to be more credible than a company without one. A website is also a great way for a company to let with world know about the products and services they offer. A small business can use their website as a chance to tell the world why they need to use the business. A website is a great way for a small business to strengthen its brand.
The four main ways websites can stay relevant online are as follows:

  • Update content regularly to include interesting and relevant information
  • Answer questions your visitors might have
  • Use your website to share testimonials
  • Let visitors comment on your product or services on your website

Worldwide presence
If you are reaching 10 people every month without a website that’s great but can you imagine reaching 100 people every month and growing that number through a website. It is all possible. Since the information on a website is available to anyone at any time it means that your business will reach more people than you ever thought possible.
If you are selling a product and you make that product available to people 24 hours a day it means that people can buy your product whenever they want to. There really is no magic involved, it is being available to your customers whenever they need you to be. Realistically without a website, this would not be possible.
In conclusion, there really is no reason why any small business should not grab hold of the digital world and take full advantage. You might think that you are only supplying products to a small number of people but you’ll never know just how many people are in need of your product without a great website.

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