February 25, 2021

Upgrading from the photo albums to photo book

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The one who invented the camera had a will to capture the sweetest moment of their life. This desire discovered the camera. Now a day’s cameras are really common to all. People always try to capture something that has significant importance at that and later they either discard that picture or it’s deleted accidentally.

Technology has just boomed the way it was used to be earlier. Things are getting compact, unique and stylist. Everything has its plus and minuses though cameras storage is one of them. Earlier it used to get filmed but now it’s on memory cards. But one thing is common it has upgraded rather than replaced. Likewise from big heavy camera to light durable, from black films to memory card and from photo albums to photo book.

What is a photo book?

A photo book is a medium or content of different types of photos collected or purposed for a similar person. It is likely to be a photo album but in an upgraded form.

A photobook is a book where you can preserve your best memories like marriage, family, wedding, travelling, or college etc. with some quotes.  

Photo book comes in different shape, sizes, material from different styles to different quality of a paper. The printing of an image depends on the type of material you want. If you are still in a dilemma situation you can check out a photo book from mixbook.

Difference between a photo album and photo book

 There are some points that separate photo albums from photo books let discuss them one by one:

Paper quality: The main pointed out the difference between a photo album and photo book is the paper. Photo albums are printed on the Lustre paper protected by the UV coating, while in photo book press paper can be used that are available in different material like matte, linen, semi-gloss, pearl, lay flat and luster.

Structure: The construction of photo album from photo book is way different. The photo album is hard and rigid while the photo book is based on new construction techniques that are on press paper.

Page construction: A photo album has a flat type of construction which gives a nice panoramic spread between two pages basically they open completely, while the photo book pages turned out like a book only.

The number of pages available: A photo album can bind up to 50~100 spread pages and 25-50 according to a thickness of the pages. The more thickness, the lesser will be the pages. In a classic style photo book, it can fit up to the 70 spreadsheets.

Size differences: Basically photo albums come in different sizes like 5×5”, 8×8” 8×10” 10×10” 12×12”. Where photo albums come in 5×7”, 8×8”, 8.5×11”, 10×10”, 12×12”. There is a little different you might get confused but for that search the Kotak endura professional album and for a photo book from Mixbook.

The overall cost of both is almost similar, both possess similar characteristics, both have merits and demerits but on basis of cost photo book wins the heart. So embrace your memory on your desired platform.

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